Solar Geysers


    1. Solar collectors and geysers come with a TEN year guarantee.
    2. Products are SABS tested and fall within the Eskom DSM Rebate Program.
    3. We can provide any size system nothing is too big or too small.
    4. Multiple solutions including Evacuated Tube Panels and Flat Plate Solutions.
    5. Products for both domestic and commercial.

Evacuated Tube Technology

  1. 10 Year warranty.
  2. Expected lifespan exceeds 20 years.
  3. High efficiency (92% absorbsion rate of sun’s energy).
  4. 2mm thick glass (withstands hail stones up to 38mm in diameter).
  5. Powder coated manifolds (suitable for any climate conditions).
  6. Highest heat transfer technology.
  7. Freeze resistant.

Flat Panel Technology

  1. 10 Year warranty (provided it’s installed by an authorised Franchise).
  2. SABS Tested and Eskom accredited.
  3. Hail and/or extreme weather resistant.

Now that you are thinking about installing a solar geyser in your home in Pretoria North there are several important factors you need to take into consideration. Choosing the wrong system or a system that will not deliver your requirements can be very costly. Make sure you speak to a reputable company like Solartech with offices around the country that have the expertise and experience to advise you correctly regarding all the considerations for solar geysers in Pretoria North.


Sometimes the home owner will ask the particular solar geyser dealer just what the actual benefits of the solar domestic hot water product is in comparison to the old-fashioned electrically powered geyser. That may result in an extremely extended conversation amongst the two given it is usually a difficult question to answer based on circumstances.

The advantages typically depend upon the sort of hot water system the homeowner currently has, the type of power sources available attached to the house, the local weather factors, accessible water supply, available roof space, roof orientation and also room for the water storage tank. However, the most important things to consider would be the home owner's preferences, and then the financial budget considered against their expectations.

There's a wide range in preliminary costs associated with buying any kind of hot water heating system, however the true cost may only become seen over the years which follow. A person's month-to-month electric bill might be greatly impacted by the system you finally choose, and this is amongst the various factors you should consider when buying a hot water heating system for your residence.

Most solar geysers will be significantly cheaper to run than any other type of system. However, the up front costs of going solar are normally three to four times greater than a straight electric to electric heater system swap.

Many South Africans have already made the move to solar hot water and many more are following. It makes perfect sense when you consider the increase in the electricity tariffs each year, and the bill is just getting bigger and bigger. For most a solar geyser is a large investment to fork out but you are very likely to see a substantial drop in your electricity bill which is well worth the investment over the next few years.

Every home owner should be made aware of the fact that solar hot water systems are more complex than the normal old electric geyser. You are not just swapping a geyser for another one, the solar geyser system is a lot more complex. It is a very efficient energy system and keeping in mind the pollution being caused by the generation of electricity it is a logical system which is very environmentally friendly. It is also a fact that it will require maintenance every now and again to keep the system functioning optimally.

Budget needs to be considered by home owners not only for the initial costs but also the ongoing costs of spare parts and maintenance. You do not want to be faced with a problem two years down the line and find out that the spare parts are not available anymore. The installer should be transparent about the ongoing costs as well as the expected lifespan of the unit. Consider these before deciding on which type or brand to buy.

Solar water heating systems come in all sizes for all domestic and larger uses in Pretoria North. So no matter what your circumstances are there will be a solar geyser system that will suit your needs. For instance in areas where the water might not heat up as expected due to weather conditions a electrical backup can be installed to ensure you always have hot water when needed.

There is no surprise that quite a big part of your electrical use goes directly towards water heating. On an average this can make up around forty percent of you monthly electrical bill. Now by making the change to solar you are able to cut these costs easily and save the money, or use it for something else that you have always wanted.

With solar climate plays an important role and is one of the main considerations you have to take into account before taking any decision. Changing to solar has many options and everything taken into account there will be a system to meet your needs.

In the areas where the temperature drops below zero during the winter season it will require that you install a more complex system that can cope with the weather conditions. However if you are lucky and live in an area where the temperature never goes below freezing you will only need a simple solar system to meet your requirements.

There is no substitute for experience and from us you can rest assured of the best advice when deciding to go solar. With offices and technicians located across the country all the information about each area is available to us at all times. We will make sure that you install the correct system for your area and do any modifications that might be required. Our products are guaranteed just as our workmanship. Spare parts and replacement parts are always available and any problems with a solar geyser is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

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