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Today: Jul 26, 2014

Solar Geysers


    1. Solar collectors and geysers come with a TEN year guarantee.
    2. Products are SABS tested and fall within the Eskom DSM Rebate Program.
    3. We can provide any size system nothing is too big or too small.
    4. Multiple solutions including Evacuated Tube Panels and Flat Plate Solutions.
    5. Products for both domestic and commercial.

Evacuated Tube Technology

  1. 10 Year warranty.
  2. Expected lifespan exceeds 20 years.
  3. High efficiency (92% absorbsion rate of sun’s energy).
  4. 2mm thick glass (withstands hail stones up to 38mm in diameter).
  5. Powder coated manifolds (suitable for any climate conditions).
  6. Highest heat transfer technology.
  7. Freeze resistant.

Flat Panel Technology

  1. 10 Year warranty (provided it’s installed by an authorised Franchise).
  2. SABS Tested and Eskom accredited.
  3. Hail and/or extreme weather resistant.

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